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About   2MWcollective

A collaborative arts project by Ângela Menezes, a portuguese  visual artist based in Lisbon with an arts and science background using an multidisciplinary approach to art making. From painting to sculpture and installation, illustration and print making, balancing the ethical concerns and sustainable materials to convey a message.

2MW is the collective generated for each project, where several friends with different art skills, volunteers and members of the public are invited to participate in the construction of community-engaged artworks, mostly motivated by social, ecological, cultural heritage and identity.

Street art, urban art, community art, public art can all be a tag for some of these art works.
Each project uses different approaches on aesthetics, styles and techniques, as its context, contents and processes are continuously changing and evolving. 

These are chosen to reach the same goal - to translate the context of the location, transform space giving it a new meaning and to communicate an idea in a dialogue with the users of the space, the community, who is incited to participate in the making of the artworks.


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