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at the Maritime Museum of Sesimbra 4thJuly to 20th September 2021


A collaborative exhibition with photography (Pedro Barros) and illustration (Ângela Menezes) at the Maritime museum of Sesimbra, integrating the 4 part project A CAÇADA, which revolves around the local issues regarding the octopus fisheries.


The images recorded between 2019 and 2021 intended to document the art of octopus fishing off the coast of Sesimbra, using traps. In an almost ethnographic register, the research carried out allows the travel through the processes and scenarios associated with the local fishermen,  occupied wih their dayly affairs at the port and at sea.

Simultaneously we are confronted with the product of their labour,  the octopus catches, when the massive slaughter which occures at high seas, is captured on camara. 

Oposing the photographs, we show a sequence of illustrations of the very same animals that were caught during our fishing trip, printed directly onto fabric .

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