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2017 - ONGOING


A collaborative urban art project where the public is invited to write their favorite passages of the poetry of Fernando Pessoa in the access tunnel of Entrecampos train station,  Commissioned by IP - Infraestruturas de Portugal. The mural was a remake of the previous 2013 mural "Onde fica o não lugar" - "Where´s the non-place?" which was persistently attacked by graffiti over the last two years and additional coverage to the surrounding walls of the space.
We decided to do a different approach, and worked with the negative spaces around the graffiti on the walls and the remains of the previous mural.
The positive spaces were left to be written on by the public, with two  organized collective writing sessions  and then left to be completed on an ongoing basis. We have now hundreds of poetry entries made by the public, and the compilation continues to grow.

A 40 metres long wall was painted with a quote from "A Passagem das horas" - VIAJEI POR MAIS TERRAS DO QUE AQUELAS EM QUE TOQUEI 

361A1428 b.jpg
361A1462 b.jpg

Several character shadows were directly projected on the opposite walls and their "inner space"  fully written with passages from Fernando Pessoa poetry, namely "A Passagem das horas", Tabacaria". One of the characters holds in all the names of all the 2MW collaborators that help during the process.

During painting sessions there was an open call for 2MW collaborators and friends to come and help with the wall painting at this public space. During two weeks, we organised several group painting sessions at different time frames, so as not to disturb the normal flow of the train users at this busy station. 

Simultaneously, the users of this station were provided with with different color pens and invited to write on the walls they own favorite quotes of Fernando Pessoa. Some chose to write their own poetics on the walls.

After works concluded and inaugurated, many other form of poetry expression started to appear overnight, which we have been recording since Jan 2018.

A one year contract with IP património enabled us to return to the station monthly for one year and refresh the black sections of the walls that went on to be assaulted by graffiti, since this is one of the most frequently vandalized stations in the railway ntwork in Lisbon, so we used this as a social experiment, and watched and recorded the decrease in the episodes throughout the year of 2018.

We celebrated inauguration day with an open call for a public participation event, where all users of the space were invited to come and write on the walls.

Also we had a great performance  of  the "A TABACARIA" by Fernando Pessoa by  actor André Levy 

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