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Street Murals for Artesania Sorata
Calle Sagarnaga and Calle Linares, La Paz -  Bolivia 2009


Volunteer work for Artesania Sorata, who was looking for a makeover for the shopfronts of the iconical location on Sagarnaga street,  the famously nicknamed "calle de las brujas" (the witches market).


Artesania Sorata is a A Bolivian pioneer enterprise  with a special role as a community 0rganization.

Artesania Sorata is a recognised fair trade artisan cooperative comprised of indigenous craftspeople from across Bolivia. They focus on creating all-natural, eco-friendly textiles made from alpaca and sheep wool that have been hand-coloured with vegetable dyes. Started as a small family endeavour in 1978, Artesania Sorata now employs over 150 indigenous families throughout the country.


Above and beyond a higher standard of living, the group’s artisans are also offered creativity workshops, adult literacy and health programs, and a children’s hearing program.





The two facades of the corner shop in the famously nicknamed "calle de las brujas" (the witches market) was fully covered with motifs inspired by the original designs produced by the crafts company artisans.


The central 3 figures pay homage to the Cholita pacenha, a traditional Andean lifestyle with a very strict dress code, wore by a vast group of the women of the city of La Paz


The murals were inspired by the original and colorful designs of the wall hangings and the handmade dolls, a trademark of this shop. They mostely translate the particularities of Sorata village landscapes, and traditional way of life of this village.

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